How did it become this buy fortnite materials
Mar 14

How did it become this buy fortnite materials

How did it become this buy fortnite materials


How did it become this buy fortnite materials

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  • Fortnite is the latest game at this time. Battle Royale, specifically. Patricia, you have played lots of Fortnite. Why is it so popular? How did it become this buy fortnite materials cultural phenomenon, in which Drake is flowing it on Twitch and dividing documents and every single high school in the usa is playing?

    I believe that the first thing anybody could tell you is that it is totally free, but... That was clearly a significant part of it's getting started, but if you look at it right now that is certainly not what's made it a phenomenon. Like, you believe Drake gives a fuck if this game is $60 or free? No, he is playing it--

    Hey man, he's trying to spare for a new console. What it really does better than the competition is, you look at something like PUBG and it's all grit, all survival, it's about who's playing the best, whereas in Fortnite Items, they simply added this weapon that is called a Clinger that's pretty much a sticky grenade, and it is a plunger.

    You can stick your friend and utilize them to become suicide bombers, and people are riding around in rockets. I believe that it's only a more fundamentally happy sport, in that you are probably going to lose, but you are also going to see something ridiculous, and I think people respond to this. It's only an innately cheerful match.

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