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  • In the goalkeeper position, Edson joined has made up for the short board Manchester City. Compared to most Premier League goalkeeper, Edson passing ability, Manchester City, many offensive launched by Edson. Despite having so many top players, the effort Manchester City has made is impressive. When City controls, they easily attract everyone's attention, but their performance after losing the ball is equally important. This season, Manchester City's ball-handling rate as high as 72% in the European top five league ranked first, the opponent must make every effort to deal with this. Once the opponent steals, then Manchester City will quickly chase interception. This is a very costly tactic, but it also consumes your opponent's fitness.

    No matter how many trophies Manchester City won this season, they may be disappointed if they fail to win the Champions League. They want to  FIFA Coins win the title of all the tournaments, but they most want to win the trophy is a big ear trophy. Since Mansour's acquisition of the club in 2008, they are eager to win the Champions League, and this is the key reason for their invitation to Guardiola. They had previously only been able to break through the top 16 for the first time before eventually reaching the semifinals in 2016, and are likely to reach the quarter-finals this season after beating Basel 4-0 in the first leg this season.

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