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Green in my hearn, in different people's minds have different interpretations. In some people's eyes, green is environmental protection, while in others' eyes, green is to save resources. I feel that protecting the environment is green.owadays, it is absolutely necessary for people to develop and utilize resources and energy for survival. However, all development and utilization should be fully considered from the balance system of the whole nature, especially the ecosystem of the global environment, and then protect the environment [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. On the basis of maintaining ecosystem diversity, human-natural coordination is achieved.was still a child, a child who was innocent. Because innocent and cute often hang on the face, so it seems that there is no trouble. At that time, the green was already in my heart [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping[/url]. I remember very clearly, I love green vegetation in the hour, and sometimes naughty to the roots of the wall to pull up the roots of the grass deeply into the surface. Until I was scolded by my parents, I calmed down and thought, and my heart began to hurt this green. This green record records the course of a life, but I don't know it. I don't know that it is just the first chapter of the grass that has not yet danced to life. Of course, I am the same. I didn't know the real pain of green in childhood, only to go slowly [url=www.usacigs365.com]Online Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url].remember that there is a green sign: the sign consists of three parts [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Buy Newport Cigarettes[/url], namely the sun below, the left and right leaves and the center of the bud, symbolizing the natural ecology; the color is green, symbolizing life, agriculture, environmental protection; the figure is a perfect circle , meaning protection. It is this sign that guides me to know green and feel green. the past 100 years, the global average temperature has experienced two fluctuations of cold-warm-cold-warm [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], which is generally seen as an upward trend. After entering the 1980s, global temperatures have risen significantly. This prompts us not to pollute the atmosphere, a variety of trees, and reduce acid rain. According to many scientists in the world, humans will fully enter a warming world in the next 50 to 100 years. The future world is no longer warming up, in order for the sea level to no longer rise, and for the animals to have a home, we must protect the environment.ouch of green in my life is always perfect a
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