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Fallout 76 Bottle Caps Fallout 76 hits the accursed canvas a third time. Now it came out that there really were backpacks made of canvas not just for the Collector's Edition but special swag bags for influencers.

Fans of Bethesda now feel betrayed even if you can not really compare the two bags. Nevertheless the frustrated players are venting their anger on the internet again. The end of the year had the developer of Fallout 76 (now for 53,85 € buy) certainly presented differently.

That's the misery with the canvas so far:

The $ 200 Collector's Edition was supposed to come with a canvas bag. The bag was also available but was not made of canvas buy FO76 Caps but from the much cheaper nylon.

As a player noticed he complained to the support. There it was said that the bag was not made of canvas for cost reasons but made of nylon. The good canvas bag was just a prototype. And that would have it.

After this support response a shitstorm broke out in the already-hot community of Fallout 76.

Later Bethesda apologized for the support employee's statement and distanced herself from her. In fact the bags were made of nylon because not enough canvas was in stock. In return however Bethesda admitted each collector of the Collector's Edition game currency for Fallout 76 worth € 5.

That did not really make things better but caused even more ridicule. So it was said: "Canvas the rarest material on the planet."

According to Bethesda the canvas bag which was supposed to be part of Fallout 76's Collector's Edition was too expensive to produce. Therefore it was exchanged without notice by a cheaper nylon bag. That drove many who because of the state of Fallout 76 already angry fans on the palm. The situation is not getting better now with more insights.

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