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  • And while that reflex-heavy battle is amusing, the times of stealthily slipping through the shadows to one-hit kill dragons with your super-charged bow and daggers are long gone. That lack of trademark individuality that the franchise is well known for actually holds Blades straight back from feeling like an real Elder Scrolls game with ESOM Gold. Rather it feels somewhat like somebody played an Elder Scrolls game after a long time ago and then was tasked with making a cell phone version. It is a pity that Blades feels just like a shadow of what it might have been, but fortunately the core gameplay loop and combat is fun enough that I found myself pulling out my phone to check on things and fight some enemies far more often than anticipated.

    What actually hurts the pacing would be the microtransactions. Some treasure chests which contain loot required to progression arbitrarily ask you to wait around six real hours until you may open them -- unless you cough up money.

    Frequently times that Gold chest you need to wait six hours on will have the equipment you need to enhance enough so you can take on another quest or it has valuable resources you need to build this specific structure in your city that will upgrade your prestige enough so you can unlock a higher tier of quests.

    Having the ability to go anywhere and do anything is such a huge aspect of the series and it seems strange playing a game which says buy TESO Blades Gold is from the Elder Scrolls franchise but lacks any ability to walk round the overworld.

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