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  • Because the exact situation happened in game so you is irrelevant. You bring up alchmate when 75 percent of those cheap OSRS gold players utilize it. Which was exactly my point about large alching, you'll never find an item with good margins that lasts for over 24 hrs because players will constantly buy out the supply until the prices are no longer profitable, because high alching pushes the market for items which would usually be worthless and prevents them from bottoming out just like a dead stock would in real life. High alching gives an artificial need to seemingly useless items thus keeping old content related and creating the rs economy as a whole lot different and diverse compared to other mmos, where most mmos are gear treadmills where things will eventually become useless and totally irrelevant in time due to power creep along with the market inflation that follows.

    I simply find it funny you behave like"gold rushes" are an insignificant and stupid way of making money when that's literally what every top tier participant does and has done for a long long time. New content comes out, they could immediately do it due to being spat out, and it is abused by them to the point where it's not worth their time. That is what EVERY maxed player has done, from Theater of Blood all the way back into the whips, likely farther. That the whole stage to playing an MMO. Getting the most from content and having the ability to play it when it releases. The very fact you keep bringing up combat as being the best money maker just shows that you agree that gold rushes are the best way to make money, as the sole time combat is well worth it is if you are geared up and are close to maximum, and do the newest combat related content whether it's zulrah, Olm, or even ToB. Combat is a fundamental aspect to almost any MMO that of course there will be combat related upgrades than there would be with each ability, that's just a given.

    Every player besides these fighting for leaderboards and stakers farmed Olm all of the way till ToB came out. After a week or two does not mean the newest content because prices fall isn't the source of income. If what you said were true demons could be applicable God wars, KQ , metallic dragons, KBD, corp and the list continues. N0valyfe, who is among if not the most efficient player to ever play the sport, was only able to max out so quickly after he had been among the first individuals to receive 85 slayer, and left a fortune off the first batches of whips to come into match. Which is archived on his website.

    Aside from supervisors, battle is lackluster when it comes to earning money, and also the newest supervisors will always yield the income since the newest items will have the most demand, to be produced to buy rs3 gold. What is the player make killing slayer tasks 200k/hr that is arbitrary? If they're lucky? If combat was so effective, why was doubling nature runes the rewarding and most consistent method of income for years? Perhaps because high alching is center to the games economy and widespread I'm not just pulling things out my ass??, and as I said previously This feels amazing, you actually heard all of the things people criticized you for that time you made a movie over old school runescape constantly ago! You heard our voices and it seems that you yourself have changed your mind in a lot of respects.

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