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  • The 2000 Series doors have a full thermal break in the construction of the doors. This prevents the cold about the exterior of the door from following the metal on the interior of the door, limiting the transfer of cold into your garage. A heavy bottom weather seal flexes to fit the contour of the house floor. This combination of protection seals out and about the elements and repels harsh climate. "Independent testing shows the air flow infiltration seals for these entrances exceed the industry's ASHRAE NINETY. 1 Standard when installed using a standard bottom seal and a commonly available rigid/flexible vinyl entrance stop, " says Nofziger. "The construction of the door makes it a valuable home asset convey living in an area going through strong winter weather. " The attractive 2000 Series doors can be bought with either wood grain or stucco embossment and appear in 13 solid color and several wood grain choices with an array of sizes and panel options. Forty-one different window options will also be incorporated into the garage panels, including decorative glass. Also offered with SelectView, the windows could possibly be moved to unique locations. The many options can create a really unique look. "Wherever you live, this type of superior garage door will manage to benefit both the comfort and energy efficiency of an garage. ".
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