Madden NFL 20 is really an addiction

Madden NFL 20 is really an addiction

Madden NFL 20 is only a few weeks away from its launch, and fans of the team are happy to play...


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  • Madden NFL 20 is only a few weeks away from its launch, and fans of the team are happy to play. With the release of the game getting closer, EA has been revealing new details about the game. Now EA Sports has unveiled the hottest Madden NFL 20 tight junction and its rating.

    Rob gronkowski scored 98, was at the top of the 20 penalty area, and Travis kels (94) was second. 93. In fifth place was Greg Olsen, whose players scored 92.

    EA also revealed the top five QBs of the upcoming Madden 20 . There is no doubt that Tom Brady is the number one QB in the game and the cover star of the upcoming champion.

    However, fans doubt whether Madden's curse will affect him, and according to Tom himself, he doesn't believe in the curse.

    EA also revealed the game's top run. Le'veon bell topped the list with 97 points, followed by David Johnson with 94 points.

    Madden NFL 20 , an Madden video game developed by EA Sports, will be launched later this month for Xbox one and Playstation 4. In addition, like FIFA's "journey" model, the upcoming Madden will launch a single player campaign.

    Madden ultimate team is really an addiction For those who work primarily for the ultimate team, even if the quality of the game drops, the release of content (even bad content) is enough to reassure people until EA finds another way to steal time, energy and money. I'm in the initial stage, from "I can't see the meaning of spending money" to "spending 20 dollars every now and then". In order to form an excellent mut team, I often buy the cheapest Madden coins on the VHPG , which are very safe and fast.

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