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  • But if I head into the eastern wilderness, the death can be out of my control. When I'd be under fire I don't have any problems if one person attacks me, my difficulties RS gold comes. It is my fault When I die in a 1v1. But in a 2v1, 3v1, anything - I'm fair more likely to acquire insta-killed, I'm extremely unlikely to actually win the fight (if I attempted to struggle ), and all that is even if I have better weapons, ammo, armor, pots, stats, or am better prepared generally. Struggling multiple individuals takes it from my control.

    That was a fantastic read. It's been quite a while since those things happened. I recall the time we had the clan wars from the wilderness, the large rectangular building in the east, together with the portals to various manners. I. However runescape has changed, that's definitely true. The present condition of the wilderness is pretty depressing, so some change is needed, I believe everyone can agree about that, irrespective of what change it is.Also with invention and BIS items, losing that equipment and perks is just not viable, you could be losing months of progress. Long were your dclaws as the priciest item.

    I have to concur that this system will reduce the high-end pking drops, you won't smite a nox weapon, and I don't see reclaim cost, even at 200%, going beyond 20m. However I hope that's offset with more people to pk, and those folks actually carrying more than 1 item together. The only 200m kill a month vs a few 2m kills an hourfor example.And while this does not protect luring completely (giving someone fully targeted for ED1 that a teletab into the wilderness and killing them there's still a chance ), at least they will end up a few mill down rather than their lender gone. Dying skulled with a sos along with just tect without protecting any of them would be an 11m fall to recover price.

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    I read the arguments and I understand the current system + eoc is poor but I dont think this is the correct solution. Mainly because if this change happens whats going to make people take t80-90 within the present dirt cheap t70-75? All of this change is gunna do is make them take more than 3 things (4 with shield item) t75, it has less pvp damage reduction that matters more than armour rating. So this does is for individuals doing combat, they keep their falls and cover barely anything for this, and skillers who dont take anything pay ~100 gp to maintain everything.

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