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  • In case you’ve ever perused bags of coffee on the while waiting in line on the coffee shop, you might have noticed that many of them have a small problem or a plastic valve close to the top of the carrier. What you might not necessarily realize, is the valve actually plays a crucial role in keeping the coffee fresh and tasting great since it sits on the shelf. Once you know exactly what it’s for, you might use it to assist determine how fresh the coffee is you picked up.

    Whenever coffee is first gathered, it looks nothing such as hard, brown, roasted beans we’re familiar with seeing. Coffee beans basically grow in pods, as well as the pods can be light source green, yellow, or even bright red—an entire container of them looks a little just like a bowl of cherry tomatoes. The beans we produce into coffee are with this report, and they start available mostly colorless. The roasting progression is what turns these people dark brown, and makes them hard enough that will grind.

    However, the roasting process changes more than just the coffee bean’s appearance. As beans roast, the enticing aromas we associate with a fresh sit down elsewhere start to develop, and the chemical reaction creates a large number of carbon dioxide. Some carbon dioxide is given off in the roasting process, but a lot more is released after the roasting stops and the coffee beans rest. For a few days after roasting, coffee beans undergo what’s called the “degassing period, ” and that’s the location where the valve and holes you observe on your coffee bag come in.

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    During the actual degassing period, the coffee beans continue to release carbon dioxide, which is good—that release helps preserve your coffee’s taste and aroma. But the degassing doesn’t happen all at once. While the most co2 is released in the 1st few hours and days and nights after roasting, coffee beans can continue to keep give off carbon dioxide for some weeks after roasting (especially black roast beans, which tend to be roasted longer than some other varieties).


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