henüz bir tartışma yok. Hemen bir tane ne dersiniz?

  • Pharrell x Adidas NMD Human Race Sun Glow ,"Violence allows, how do you start bullying Xiaoxian again!" Jessica didn't look at the girl with a good spirit. Xiaonizi looks very quiet. In fact, it is a violent woman in private. I really don't know how this kind of kung fu is. Trained out."Sika sister, how do you help Xiaoxian!" Yuner muttered and looked at jessica resentfully: "And, let me not be violent!""violence······""Oh, well, don't talk!" The Thai baht picked up the phone on the table and gestured to everyone: "Wan Wan oppa called!"

    Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Oreo Black White ,"Thai baht!" Shi Wanzhao at the other end of the phone seemed a little excited. He also just received a notice from the company. This evening, the highlight of the international youth invitational tournament will be staged. The California high school men's basketball team will play against the Korean high school men's basketball team. **The company was notified that it allowed the Girls' Generation to be one of the opening performers. This is a golden opportunity, a national broadcast! It’s exciting to think about it!"Wan Wan oppa, what?" The Thai baht also vaguely guessed something, but was not sure, after all, it was not certain that they would let them play.

    Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 White Grey ,"Thai sister, what does Wanpo oppa say?" Yun's curiosity attack, directly put the small head to the Thai baht, want to hear what is on the phone. "Hey! Don't make trouble!" The Thai pheasant looked at Yun's excited appearance and smiled, but looked at the other eight people who looked forward to staring at themselves, even the quiet Xiaoxian in the weekdays. Suddenly I understand that everyone's activities are valued, but her heart is faintly sour. As a newcomer, they cherish every announcement. This kind of national live broadcast program is more desirable.

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